Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

It's day two of Dress Your Best Week and the second thing on my list of things that I like about myself is my boobs which I think I will now refer to going forward as my girls... I'm really not sure what I was thinking when I typed that.

I have a pretty ample bosom which makes sense because I am a grown woman. The thing is, as a teenager I had a pretty ample bosom as well. At one point I would have even called it a defining characteristic, which is sad on so many levels. But, being a 13 years old who could (and did) pass for a college student and getting (good or bad) attention based on that from lots of people I met had an impact for sure.

This potentially misguided attention was only a small part of our love/hate relationship. When all my friends were in the size 0/2 range it was hard for me to reconcile that being curvy did not make me fat. Or strapless gowns (we had so many formal events) being difficult to wear was not because I was fat, per say, just that I had girls who needed more support.
Now I am very aware of keeping my girls supported, modest, and appropriate which sometimes means covered up but, despite our ups and downs they have become one of my favorite parts of me. I think an easy way to accent them without being crude is with a nice v-neck top that has embellishment around the neck area and making sure I have a good bra! It's all about foundations.
  • Top: gray ruffled v-neck tank top, New York and Company
  • Bottom: black pencil skirt, Old Navy
  • Shoes & Accessories: nude snake print sandals, Bandalino via Unique Thrift which I think are in keeping with yesterday's theme of legs since nude shoes make legs look endless but, I digress; gray shell earrings, gift from BF's mom; purple Coach bag, via outlet

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  1. The detail on the top is so pretty and a nice way to celebrate "the girls" without getting too crazy! I love your bold purse too!

  2. I love m'girls, too, despite their emergence in my teenage life and all the problems that come with them (as you've laid out). I think women with all kinds of girl situations are beautiful, but I've really come to love having an ample chest. So glad to hear you praise yours, too. Woohoo!

  3. Thanks for participating in this all week - it's been great to get so many voices in on this and I'm still catching up with everyone's posts. I actually just wrote mine on my 'girls' this morning and now I'm reading this from you. This is exactly why I loved this project - so many of us celebrated the same body parts but for very different reasons. I love that! I love that we can all celebrate our uniqueness and not be caught up in aiming to celebrate the same body parts for their uniformity and similarity, but rather for what makes them unique on each one of us.

    Thanks again for being a part of this.


  4. It was totally my pleasure :)


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