Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Happy Monday! This week is officially Dress Your Best Week at academichic and I have decided to participate because so often, our focus when getting dressed in the morning is how to minimize or downplay aspects of our bodies that we’re just not crazy about. Does this skirt smooth my hips? Does this top hide my tummy? Do these pants make my thighs look slimmer? They wondered, as did I, what would happen if you inverted that thought process? What if, instead of dressing to mitigate your so-so, you dressed to highlight the parts of your body that you love most? What if, for a whole week, you committed to self-consciously dressing your best bits? See who else is dressing their best...

I am so excited to participate but, I have to confess coming up with five things that I like about myself was difficult. We live in a society where airbrushed and digitally altered people are the mainstream of beauty. For everyone I know (myself included), there are always parts of one's self that can be improved upon. The five part of myself that I picked (the last one was a suggestion by BF) were:
  1. my legs/calves
  2. my boobs
  3. my cheekbones (although I don’t know how one dresses to accentuate that)
  4. my hourglass shape
  5. my soft skin

Today, I am dressing for my legs which doesn't necessarily mean short skirts or cut off shorts! I think one of the way to make them look their best is a modest (but sexy) pencil skirt which comes to the knee and some killer heels. Your legs look miles long! The pencil skirt is easy but, picking shoes is a little more difficult to choose because I still need to be comfortable at work. Hopefully, I am achieving the best look for my legs, what do you think?

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  1. you're right, this skirt and these shoes make your legs look awesome!

  2. Yes, the pencil skirt and the contrast white line of the top give a lengthened leggy look. Really fabulous.

  3. Ooh I love me a black and white look! And I like how you put a purple bag with it to add a pop of color.

    I like to remind myself that for the girls in the magazines, it is their JOB to look fabulous, and they still have to get airbrushed! I can't imagine how that must feel! At least at work I feel competent.



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