Saturday, May 1, 2010

Purchases: April 2010

One month down! Not to sound cocky but, I didn't think it would be that hard in the beginning. I've referenced how much clothes I have so to put together 22 outfits or so was not an inconvenient challenge. 260ish on the other hand, we'll wait and see.

Since the whole purpose of this endeavor was to curb my spending and work with what I've got I figured I would take a look back and fess up about what I have purchased this month:
  • Eugenia Kim cloche from Target - $16.99
  • straw fedora, when I returned this one that was oddly sized. I am loving the rainbow band it makes it easier to wear with everything in my closet - $12.99

In summation, no actual real clothing purchases just accessories and I'm feeling good about these. I love Eugenia Kim and my (stupid) cat ruined the fedora I got last summer so the one I bought is a replacement. Even though I am proud of these results and my ever-hardening self control there is something that feels a little lacking. I occasionally miss the wild abandon of earlier days when I would just go to a store buy whatever I felt like without a second thought and I feel like I might have a relapse. Then I remind myself about 260 Days, No Repeats and my looming grown up expenses and shut it down. What do you do to keep yourself from going crazy?

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