Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Manicure: Oxblood

I have had every intention of doing something spectacular with my nails for my manicure this week but, I have been busy sick and entirely unmotivated. I was long overdue for a manicure but, instead of busting out the makeup spongesloofahs, or old maps I went in the completely opposite direction and grabbed some manicure strips. Do you think that falls in the category of ultimate laziness or savvy convenience? For my sake let's just say it's the latter...

I went with a shade of maroon called Red Velvet from Incoco but, doesn't it remind you of the quintessential Fall 2012 color? Yup, this shade is SO oxblood! For better of worse I'm not going to look at maroon, burgundy, wine, claret, rosewood, or carmine the same way. Regardless, they are prefect for fall and I am in love with the color, perhaps I am being brainwashed. Have you fallen for oxblood yet?

Normally, I have an extremely positive experience with Incoco manicure strips but, this time they were chipping after the third day. I wonder if it's because I have had this set of manicure strips for a while (think Christmas gift). Have you ever used an older batch of Incoco manicure strips and had a similar experience or did I do something wrong?

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