Monday, October 1, 2012

Purchases & Acquisitions: September 2012

September was CRAZY as I'm sure you deduced from my silence. There was so much going on with work, life, Fashion Week, etc. that I barely had time to breathe, let alone shop. However, that doesn't mean I didn't squeeze in a little bit of time at the mall. Attending Fashion Week events brings different wardrobe pressures than everyday life. Even if you don't go to every event that you are invited to you still, at times, find yourself surrounded by industry professionals and fellow fashion lovers. These fabulous people have a keen eye for sartorial hits and misses. You don't want to be rocking a miss. The other challenge for me was the combination of still warm weather and an expectation of fall trends. I wasn't ready to bust out all my fall goodies at that time, it was still summer. For the most part I was able to make it work but, I picked up a couple of things at Target to fill in my Fashion Week wardrobe gaps.

Mossimo® Women's Floral Print Asymmetrical Dress

Mossimo® Natural Envelope Clutch

This high low-hem dress from Target was an excellent find; spot on for fall while being appropriate for the tepid weather we were having. I also grabbed this over-sized snakeskin clutch. While the dress is fantastic, the clutch has already been on my arm at a few late night events. Snakeskin goes with everything, end of story! How is this still a month of no purchases if I got these two items? Two words: gift card, thanks Mom and Dad!

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