Sunday, August 5, 2012

Purchases & Acquisitions: July 2012

Last month while I was running around like a chicken without a head I was also able to get some shopping done... Yeah, that sounded weird to me too especially given my ability to avoid shopping. My main motivator was a gift certificate from that was burning a proverbial hole in my inbox and was about to expire. It would have been a shame to let that happen if there was something in their collection that I liked.

After searching my options and hemming/hawing over how much I was willing to pay out of my own pocket I picked this shirt. After everything it came out to $23.96. I think it's going to be perfect for the rest of summer and fall. To be really honest, I'll probably just rock it all year long because that is how I am despite "seasonal limitations" and then it will be worth it even more.

Bella Swan Blouson -

In addition, while out shopping at Target for a various gifts I was drawn into the shoe department by the siren song of some stylin' ballet flats. Even since I wore my old purple ballet flats to death I have been on the search for a replacement pair that wasn't going to break that bank. When I saw these I immediately tried them on and they were a good fit, So much so, that I picked up another pair of the Merona Madge Ballet Flat in Orange. If they had had the mustard yellow color in the store I might have picked those up as well.

Merona Madge Ballet Flat - Target

I did also notice these cute navy blue ballet flats and since they were a good fit as well I threw them on the pile. I really can't go wrong with ballet flats in my office and having different colors gives me the opportunity to spice things up a little. I'm sure navy and purple ballet flats will go over swimmingly, I'm not so sure about the orange ones but, I am willing to give it a try. Ballet flats are also a great way for me to transition back to "real shoes" after getting used to peep toes. Sigh... I wish summer was longer but, I digress.
Mossimo Ona Ballet Flat - Target
Going shoe crazy might have broken the bank if it wasn't for that fab Target gift card my parent's gave me for my birthday last year that keeps coming to the rescue. Seriously: Best. Gift. Ever.

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