Monday, February 13, 2012

Blogger's Night Out

On Friday while everyone was getting into the swing of things for Fashion Week I was right there with them (in my mind) at Blogger's Night Out. There was also an event downtown sponsored by Lulu' which I didn't know about. Who felt like a lame blogger? That would be me but, I digress...

Blogger's Night Out was hoppin' either way; If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed my live tweets from the events so you have an idea of all the action. This is me and my GF in the picture hot spot.

Plastics Make it Possible definitely had the most impressive display with a plethora of outfits composed entirely of items made from plastic! Love them... I think my favorite part of the night came when I was talking with one of the lovely ladies from Plastics Make it Possible to enter a giveaway for one of the snazzy outfits and she recognized my blog plus, said she was a follower! So surreal/awesome.

It was very crowded but, these pictures don't do it justice! It was a challenge to squeeze from one end of the bar to the other. I have to say there was alot more room last year which I appreciated while I was trying to make it around to see the different vendors or to the bar to get a yummy (free) drink.

The Style Lounge in the back, organized by Marshalls and TJ Maxx, provided a nice respite from the crowds up front at the bar. It was like finding a secret treasure trove...

This is just a small sampling of all the great items on display. Unfortunately, you couldn't buy or take anything home which was a little disappointing if you found something that you fell in love with like some ladies. There was one person I overheard saying that it was meant to be and the item that she found matched her outfit perfectly but, to no avail.

While their displays were a total tease Marshalls TJ Maxx definitely had the best game. Basically, they presented you with an item and you had to guess their retail prices based on the original MSRP. I won two things and my GF won an awesome purse. Lucky us! It got so popular that you couldn't guess again if you had already won and they eventually ran out of items.

After all the giveaway winners had been announced and the night wound down it was time to get gift bags and head out! It was a mad house because the gift bag pick up was at the coat check which was a little frustrating because I left my coat in the car to avoid that crowd in the first place... The moment when the night really ended was one some lady (accidentally) punched me in the ear trying to get her coat on. Thankfully I had a fun ride home with GF and some new friends and there was some fun swag to be had.

Did you go to Blogger's Night Out, the party, or some other even cooler thing that I didn't know about? How was it?

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