Sunday, October 2, 2011

Purchases and Acquisitions: September 2011

Ok, so I'm back for now on the regular on the regular for now. Expect a bunch of posts this week especially. Moving on...

I did actually buy something this month, a fantastic pair of shoes. Do I really need more shoes? I suppose not but, when these presented themselves to me I could not resist. I have been lusting over the Urban Outfitter's Suede Pump for months possibly even a year since I saw them on other blogs but, I couldn't justify the $49.00 impulse purchase for something that wasn't an immediate need.

I could however justify $5.19! I found a unicorn almost identical pair of Seychelles hidden in the sale section of DSW. Honestly, when I slipped them on and they fit I was so excited! They were 50% off the already reduced price and with some coupons that I had been holding on to they came out to under five dollars before tax, how could I resist? 

Have you come across any good deals like this lately? Were you able to resist?

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