Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 10, 2011: New Employee Orientation, Again

So yesterday I was doing another new employee orientation thing so the outfit I put on had to make a modest and professional impact. It's even more important because the person that I was "on-boarding" is older than me and I more often than not have a problem with that.

Yes, I understand you are a seasoned professional but, you still have to listen to what I'm saying! Good I'm glad you understand that this blazer gives me a heightened level of authority (at least this is how it goes in my head...)
  • Topblack and gray plaid dress with pockets, LOFT; black blazer, Ann Taylor
  • Shoes & Accessories: black patent leather t-strap pumps, LOFT; cut steel earrings, V'ta Jewelry; gray Le Dix/Motorcycle bag, Balenciaga 

Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here:

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