Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion Week In Pictures (Mostly)

I went to a few events for Fashion Week and I wanted to share all of my experiences with you! It was definitely very surreal to be at those types of events because of my own merit. Normally, I would be going to a show or hanging out at an event because I knew someone; This time it was all me! 

The first event that I went to was the meetup that Katy from Modly Chic put together at a rooftop bar in midtown. Thank goodness there was a roof on the roof because the rain was torrential! A bunch of other lovely blogger ladies came and we chatted sipped drinks and of course took some pictures. 

Me, my friend Katie, and Katy from Modly Chic
Allie from Fashion Enthusiast (far left), Christine from Feed My Sole (next far left),  Heather  representing Marshalls, Me,  my friend Katie, Katy from Modly Chic
One of the coolest things was the Katy was able to put together goodie bags thanks to the generosity of We Love Colors and other cool brands. Mine got destroyed a little in the rain but, that's ok the contents inside survived!

Thursday was Fashion's Night Out which we all know I missed but, the next night I was Blogger's Night Out which just seemed so much more apropos! I started out the evening at an invitation only clothing swap organized by Swapaholics and ModCloth! I got a great dress from ModCloth and swapped some items I was considering donating to the thrift store for a few cute dresses from Re/Dress NYC that the owner Deb bought. I was so happy she brought some "normal" sized clothes. 

As you can see it got pretty swamped so when the time was right I made my way down to Blogger's Night Out which was actually very close. I will say at the two parties I felt very under-dressed but, decided to take pictures anyway because the opportunity felt very unique!

Me and Nicole from Black Shoes Diary

There were lots of different companies there and tons of fun things to explore including Zoya's new line of polishes for the fall. 

One of the sponsors was They had a Wheel of Fortune type set up and you could spin to win discounts, or even free items from the selection to that had. I actually ended up winning an item which I'm sure you will see soon!

On Saturday I got invited to attend Robert Verdi's Luxe Laboratory. I had no idea what that meant before I went into it but, when I showed up I was pleasantly surprised. The whole point of the exhibition was to celebrate the use of plastic in fashion. It goes into alot of what we wear/use and has really great properties! 

There were tons of companies there showing of their wares! 

Of course this party got pretty packed too but, I happened to stay long enough that Robert Verdi came and hung out! He was very sweet...

Robert Verdi and I

Overall, I had a total blast and got tons of cool swag which I will be rolling out... What did you do for Fashion Week?

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