Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review: Swappeez Sandals

While on my haitus someone from Swappeez reached out to me to review their sandals. With the warm weather on our door step I was more the happy to comply, the timing couldn't be more perfect!

O, you've never heard of them? Neither had I but, now that I have learned a little more about them I LOVE the idea! Honestly, what girl wouldn't? You can take one pair of sandals and make it many pairs of sandals just by adding accessories. It sounds so familiar to me but, I digress... Swappeez was conceived with the quintessential modern girl in mind. The result was a series of interchangeable straps, buckles and accessories. These colorful and fun components come together creating various styles and designs. So whether you're hitting the beach, planning a vacation, on a tight budget or like the rest of us, just can't get enough shoes...

This is The Organizer, so you can keep your sandals, straps and few extra buckles to swap (you love how I did that I know) depending on the occasion. Not only can you be exceptionally fashionable you can be practical AND organized. This is sounding better and better!

There was, unfortunately, one thing that didn't work for me. I had trouble tying them so that they didn't shorten my leg or flop around. In the end I suppose I could try a different type of strap besides the one included, perhaps one that is longer/shorted until I find something that works for me. Maybe I just need to practice like with a Monif C dress. I'll let you know how that works out. I would recommend trying them out first but, definitely think they could be a great buy!

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