Sunday, May 1, 2011

Purchases: April 2011

This past month I found myself in an interesting position in terms of the blog and my closet. I had completed my one year and spent a startlingly small sum of money on clothes in that time. I thought, what a better way to reward myself then to go shopping for more clothes... No wait, that's wrong! That's my old mentality rearing it's ugly head. But, after thinking about what I might need I decided to venture out to LOFT and see what they had on the sale rack during that ridiculous 40% off already reduced clearance/30% off all items promotion because I still had a gift card from Christmas returns. I got 2 sweaters and 2 shirts and with all the crazy discounts and after the store credit I only ended up spending $15.20! I'm ok with that... Did you take advantage of any of the crazy sales this month while retailers were trying to make room for all the warm weather fare?

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