Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8, 2010: Life Is Short, Be Nice

As the temperatures continue to hover in the 30's and below I will be bringing out lots of new things to keep me warm but, still stylish. No, puffy snow gear for me... yet ever! One of the things that I love to wear when the weather is cold (and even when it isn't) is tweed. I have been saving this skirt for an appropriate occasion and I'm not really sure what I thought that was. I figured it would be some time in November but, that came and went and the skirt sat untouched in my closet. Today seemed like as good a time as any to bust it out, life's too short. Do you hold on the special pieces of clothing for the "right" occasion even though you may not have a specific one in mind? If so, does it generally pan out?

So, there's a funny story behind this beautiful statement necklace...I had gone to church with my mom a few weeks ago and there were some holiday shops set up after the service. We wandered down to take a peek and I was pleasantly surprised! They has lots of great handcrafted or thrify items and we met some really nice people. One of the tables that we perused had this fantastic A. V. Max necklace lying amidst other sparkly baubles and I was instantly drawn to the details in each of the little medallions. While discussing the piece the salesperson handed me her card and I immediately recognized her name from work even though I had never met her before! Being a recruiter and reading hundreds of resumes a week will do that to you but, I digress... I let her know that her name seemed familiar and after a brief exchange we determined that I was not going crazy and that she worked at one of my company's other facilities. Then she gave us a discount on the necklace... it's a small world so, be nice!
  • Top: orange v-neck sweater, Banana Republic outlet with a tank top underneath for the modesty
  • Bottom: brown and orange tweed pencil skirt, LOFT
  • Shoes & Accessories: brown pumps, Candies via Kohl's; brown tights, Merona for Target; gold necklace, A.V. Max via holiday bazaar at church; pearl earrings, birthday gift from Mom via Macy's; blue Foley + Corrina City Clutch, gifted via Plaza Too


  1. how i wish that u were one of my secret bloggers hun! ill definitely contact u for next years! ;-) i love the choice of accessories with this outfit and im lusting over that skirt! so pretty!

  2. Oh, the new necklace is so pretty! It's so cool when you find little connections with people.
    I do save things. Right now I've got a beaded skirt and sequined dress waiting for "the perfect occasion"

  3. Love those pumps! Kohl's is my addiction.


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