Saturday, October 23, 2010

Update: I Complete You Product Challenge

So, we're here again: I've finished something else. Black Amethyst (the fragrance from Bath & Body Works, not the real deal) is one of my favorite smells especially in the cooler weather. It has a more sultry scent that says I'm bundled up in sweaters and tights and still kinda sexy. O, that's not what it says to you? Fine, maybe someone is a little off today! We digress... I have been wearing it like crazy as the temperatures drop and went through what I had left in this bottle pretty quickly. But, I see something lurking in the shadows... what could it be?

Hmm... another bottle. I don't mean to complain but, sometimes this challenge seems a little insurmountable. I'm all for having extra of a good thing but, my extra amounts can be daunting. Are there any products that you keep multiples of on hand? This specific situation I can explain, someone (me) must have sent out a bulletin said when asked about gifts last Christmas that this was one of my fav smells and I got a few lotions as gifts. When I finish this challenge (if that ever happens) I would totally buy this smell again; like I said before, it's one of my favorites. What are you're favorite fragrances?

I also lost deodorant on my way back from California. I don't know if I left it in BF's parent's house or the hotel we stayed at in Vegas but, it is MIA. At least it didn't lose it on my way there, eek! But, if that had been the case I would not have spend a week without deodorant, I would have followed my own advice, not panic, and head to the local CVS.

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  1. Oh, I keep back-ups of everything! Then my problem is that while I still have an extra "in stock," I decide to try a different brand of something I already have, and then I end up with tons of duplicates... sigh.

  2. Yikes ! another one... it's like they are mating in your cabinet :)
    I say alternate, find another lotion and use it in between because it can get you to go insane.... it happens to us all.
    I have body lotions, perfumes, soaps, blushes just waiting for the one I currently use to run out....


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