Friday, October 1, 2010

Friend Friday: Highlighting The Negative

1. Do you post pictures on your blog, or would you if the opportunity came along, of people with poor fashion//beauty sense?

I don't post pictures of anyone else on my blog except for myself. I tend not to post the outtakes but, I am still toying with the idea... Even if I did post pictures of other people I wouldn't do so to highlight people's poor fashion sense, it seems a bit cruel.

2. Do you read any blogs that highlight the bad? Why?

To be honest, I didn't even know that these blogs existed. Perhaps in the celebrity worst dressed sense but, not criticizing everyday fashion bloggers. Generally speaking, occasionaly I will glance at Fail Blog or something like that but, mostly when prompted to do so by someone else (i.e posted on my FB wall)

3. Should these bloggers get permission to post the pictures from the subject in the same way the street-style blogs do?

I think so, people should be able to choose how they are presented to the world. The put themselves out into the great wide internet but, they do so on their terms. When someone else takes their pictures without permission or disclosure it's wrong. I hope no one does that to me...

4. As human beings we are fascinated with disasters - of all sorts - why do you think that is? How to the blogs/websites that highlight the negative thrive?

I think that the first statement answers the second. Some people seem to be drawn to "disaster" like a moth to flame. It's like reality TV! I'm not sure why it is but, people seem to be amused by watching the mayhem that is these other people's lives...

5. For many, fashion is subjective. Do you think, there can be anything that is objectively bad in the fashion world?

I feel like a broken record, although I'm not sure I've said it here, but, things that don't fit and are unflattering are bad period.


  1. Interesting post. I used to read lots of "bad fashion" blogs like Go Fug Yourself, and while I still think their commentary is witty, I feel bad for the celebrities they feature there. I think it's cruel when people do sneaky street style photos and make fun of people's clothes without them knowing.

    I like posting outtake pics, but not necessarily because my outfit looks bad, but because I'm just usually so goofy.

    Happy weekend, friend!

  2. I really like your answers! I used to read loads of bad fashion blogs, too, but eventually I found it to be too cruel for my taste. I will dip into CocoPerez sometimes, but that's about celebrities so it's a different topic! ~Taking photos of people on the sly then putting their photos up on the internet is just rude, I think.


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