Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"You've Got This!" Week - Fall 2010

I have a confession... I have been SUPER tempted to buy things for fall. I know, it's the complete opposite of what I should be doing given my personal style challenge but, nevertheless I have been making a mental shopping list (ivory lace shirt anyone?) and popping into a few favorite stores to look for some new "must have" trendy items on the cheap. That is, until I realized that I already have so many of these things in my closet already and it would be a shame for me not to utilize them! Enter, "You've Got This!" Week - Fall 2010!!

We've been here before but, I'll go over it again. Basically, the theme of this coming week for anyone who wants to join me is to form trendy outfits with things you already have in your closet. No buying anything new! I a little nervous about this one because although it was getting cool things are starting to warm up again. I have this awesome camel sweater that will not work at all in 80° weather but, I hope am sure I'll figure it out. It just seemed so apropos to announce this challenge on the first day of autumn tepid temps or not but, I digress... If you are interested in joining me please leave a comment with your name and a link to your blog, I will compile a list of all participants for the first post on Monday, September 27, 2010. Also, please grab the banner and link back to 260 Days, No Repeats,

Here are some Fall 2010 trends we can be inspired by:
  • leather (or faux) jackets
  • faux (or real) fur 
  • animal prints
  • camel (as the new neutral)
  • military chic
  • lace
  • jewel tones
  • longer skirts
  • capes/ponchos
  • chunky knits
  • pants suits
  • menswear inspired
  • minimalism
  • layers
  • skinny pants/jeans
  • pearls


  1. I'm in! I also love that you include the list. I'm going through and thinking, "Oh, I've got that...and that...and that!"

  2. I'm trying the minimalism part... not sure how much I'll succeed!



  3. I'm in! I don't plan to buy anything yet, and I'm not totally in love with what I took out but I'll see how I can make my wardrobe work =D


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