Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010: Stripes and Flowers

Sorry for the late post. It really has been quite a week and this is the earliest chance I got to let you see my outfit today. The sad thing is it isn't over; I have to go to work tomorrow (yes, I know... it's Saturday) then it's my grandmother's 89th birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Mamá!) and some birthday gift shopping with BF for his little cousin (she's turning 16 and I'm thinking a little blue box might be in order) But, I digress... As I have discovered this week stripes go with EVERYTHING so, I decided to keep it going today by layering a long sleeved striped t-shirt under a short sleeved flower patterned one... I think it translated well to casual friday.
  • Top: floral print t-shirt, Vera Wang for Kohl's; black and white striped long sleeved t-shirt, Proenza Schouler for Target 
  • Bottom: Marisa jeans, LOFT
  • Shoes & Accessories: purple suede-ish ballet flats, Mossimo for Target; yellow alley bag

Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, here, here, here, here, and here:


  1. I love the bold pattern mixing! I have been trying to pull this off for some time now, but I can't manage to look as fabulous as you have ;)

  2. Luv, luv, luv pattern mixing! Stripes and florals are super fun :) I also love your accessories-the purple shoes are fab!

    Really, really like your blog, you can tell that you put time and effort in it. . . not just a picture overload!

    hearts & hugs

  3. You weren't kidding about the pattern mixing. I like this look :)


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