Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010: Double Take

Yesterday was surprising for me in that apparently curly hair is no big deal! Barely anybody commented (IRL) on it, I'm not sure if that's disappointing or negligible. I guess there are other things to focus on at work besides the state of my locks. Today it's up in a messy bun because I am in a rush and it's being a little wild. This easy fix is the one thing I missed about curly hair! This bun looks alot more interesting than one with pin straight hair. Maybe it was all the humidity and "nature" that I was exposed to at Boscobel last night... I would actually recommend going to take in some Shakespeare or just the beautiful gardens if you have the time but, bring bug spray! Here are a few shots of last night before the show started:

Today's outfit might seem similar to you and that's because it is! I wore an almost identical outfit in July and I'm not sure which works better. In the previous one I was just looking for something that "matched" with but, I think this might "go" better. Let me know what you think in the poll below!
  • Top: coral embellished tank top, LOFT via Mom
  • Bottom: blue polka dot skirt, New York and Company (same skirt on the weekend here)
  • Shoes & Accessories: gladiator sandals, Christian Siriano for Payless; gold perforated earrings, New York and Company; brown leather tote, Bulga

Items from this outfit are previously seen here:


  1. love the colour of that skirt, it has a retro look to it

  2. I love that blouse. The embellished neckline is so pretty!



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