Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010: I've Been Keeping A Secret...

If you take one look at this picture you'll know what it is... My hair is crazy curly! I have had it straight for about two years since my graduation from college and today is a first day in a long time that I am letting it free. I didn't straighten it because I dislike my curls, I in fact LOVE them! I did it because I chopped all my hair off (or to my chin) and liked it better straight. I actually think it's still a bit too short in all it's curly glory but, I couldn't resist leaving it natural once I realized that the keratin had finally started to wear out and (I'll be honest) was feeling a little too lazy to blow it out last night! There are still a few pieces in the front that are straight so I just pulled them back.

Maybe my no hassle attitude is because my schedule is packed today: employer breakfast at a local college, goodbye lunch with one of my fav interns, regular work stuff, and a picnic dinner tonight at Boscobel while seeing Taming of the Shrew with family at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. I will be floating through it all in these forgotten shoes! I really wish I had used them sooner, they are so light and comfortable much like their predecessors (which I never owned a pair of) but,  less scary. Plus, I love the fact that I could get a little pattern mixing in! Polka dots and tweed anyone?
  • Top: red tank top with rosette embellishment, LOFT with a tank top underneath for the modesty
  • Bottom: black and white tweed skirt, thrifted/no tag
  • Shoes & Accessories: black and white polka dot wedges, Very Volatile via Mandee; my abuela's vintage silver hoop earrings; black Spy Bag, Fendi


  1. Nice pattern mixing. Those shoes are adorable and your hair looks AMAZING!

  2. Love the curls! As a naturally straight-haired gal, I am forever jealous of hair like yours.

  3. Lovely curls! I wish I could get that kind of definition, my hair will always just be wavy at best.
    The polka dot shoes are adorable, and work so nicely with the look.


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