Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Purchases: May 2010

I barely shopped at all this month! I'm talking not even window shopping!! I have to be honest it's getting a little harder; especially this month with all the great Memorial Day sales and coupons. I didn't go to any stores of any kind this weekend just to avoid the temptation. I am feeling more frustrated than accomplished... I would like to think that going to the movies or getting a mani/pedi with friends would win out over shopping hands down (and it has been) but, I can't help feeling like I'm missing out on something else. When your sticking to a budget how do you deal with your "limitations"?

The only thing I bought this month was a pair of shorts from Ann Taylor Loft similar to these: same color, different pattern, also on sale. I see me wearing those with a thin navy sweater and flip flops when BF and I go on vaca in August and are taking romantic moonlit strolls on the beach in Cali or whatever... They are the first pair of short(er) shorts that I have bought in close to 10 years! I couldn't resist them because they actually fit really well and don't make me feel self conscious about the length or lack there of.

So that's that, hopefully I don't go off the deep end next month!

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  1. Not shopping is tough! the first few days I was really anxious and didn't know what to do with myself. I hadn't known that kind of restraints since I got married. But now I'm doing ok. I did go thrifting though and that eased my mind a little. I got a lot of stuff for under $30. But I'm still trying not to go to Target. Maybe next week. Hang in there!


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