Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29, 2010: Back To Reality

The long weekend was great and I am very much looking forward to this one coming up for the 4th but, I could definitely use a longer vacation (who doesn't want more time off?) My birthday is right around the corner... that is a reason for a getaway, wouldn't you say?

On another note, does anyone else read the title of this post and have this song pop into their head? Maybe it's just me...
  • Top: green sleeveless collared shirt, Ann Taylor Loft via Melissa
  • Bottom: gray, black, and white skirt (with pockets), Target
  • Shoes and Accessories: silver gladiator sandals, Isaac Mizrahi for Target (similar here); Tiffany & Co. silver bead earrings; cut steel necklace, V'ta Jewelry; blue Foley + Corrina City Clutch via Plaza Too

Items from this outfit are previously seen here:


  1. Iris that is such a perfect skirt !
    The length, shape and pattern are beautiful.
    I see you have paired it with mustard before, have you tried yellow or turquoise, or OMG red !??

  2. I have that same skirt! I never thought to pair it with either green or mustard, though. I'll have to start experimenting.

  3. I love the pattern on your skirt, and the shape is so flattering!


  4. I used to own those sandals ... they were my go to for almost everything. They've retired from too much wear. I've replaced them with these ... http://www.amazon.com/Coconuts-Matisse-Womens-Beverly-Fuschia/dp/B002IFT740/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1286518298&sr=8-1 in the natural/cream. I also bought a pair of black t-straps from Black House White Market that are my all time favorite go to. :)


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