Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10, 2010

Is it Friday yet? I am having so much fun with Summer Black-Out 2010 but, can't wait for the weekend. In the spirit of weekends, summer, and all around fun times I'll give you some random news. Today is National Iced Tea Day! Click here for a buy one get one free Snapple coupon to celebrate...

On another note, I just realized that I am pairing pink and blue together today like Frances Joy of A Mad Dress Game did yesterday, great minds!
  • Top: pink embellished t-shirt, Van Heusen outlet (same shirt different color here, like I said Tuesday I'm all about buying multiples)
  • Bottom: brown knit pants, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver hard wear embellished flats, Preview via Nordstrom Rack; Tiffany & Co. silver bead earrings; blue Foley + Corrina City Clutch via Plaza Too

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