Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Question: How Do You Keep Track?

I was recently asked about how I was keeping track of all of my outfits to make sure that I don't repeat anything. It was an interesting question to me because I figured everyone would assume that 260 Days, No Repeats was how I was keeping track. But, now that the questions has been posed I will come clean.

If you couldn't tell that is a screenshot of a crazy Excel spreadsheet that I am using to track everything I wear. I will admit it, I am kind of a nerd as I'm sure you have now determined but, it helps me keep track very effectively.

If you have any more questions or comments I would love to hear them.... shoot me an email!


  1. Where do you keep all these clothes and shoes

  2. Uh, I love Excel 2007. I am a total nerd. I am impressed with your spreadsheet!

  3. WOW talk about organized!
    When I wanted to wear everything in my closet and also weed it out, I emptied my closet and only put back in the stuff that I had worn. That helped me keep track and also forced me to wear A LOT of stuff I had forgotten about...


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