Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010

Blogging is so viral but, in a good way... Yesterday I was reading alltumbledown (a regular thing as you can see from my blog roll) and noticed that she is taking part in {have a cute day}'s floral week. Since I was thinking of wearing a floral print today anyway why not get involved in that as a tribute to spring? Hopefully this will coax the sun out of hiding and make the rain rain go away!

While this is a standard business casual day I have a fancy charity event to go to after work (with mom) so I have to seamlessly transition from day to evening with what I am wearing because I don't have time to go home and change. I think it's all in the shoes AKA I will bring flip flops to stick under my desk during the day since I would have been in whatever shoes for more than the standard 8 hours and these black pumps are comfy but, not that comfy. Also, the mini makeup bag just in case there are blemishes, dark circles, etc.
  • Top: floral print t-shirt, Vera Wang for Kohl's a thank you gift from BF for successfully helping him create a business casual wardrobe
  • Bottom: black pinstripe Calvin Klein suit skirt, via SYMS
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, Candies via Kohl's; silver beaded necklace, Bitten via Steve & Barry's; Tiffany & Co's silver bead earrings; black Fendi spy bag

Items from this outfit are previously seen here:

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