Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

So, I had mentioned that I was going to try to shop in my closet for the perfect Easter outfit as opposed to going to the store and purchasing a new one. I am sorry to say that this was not a overwhelming success.

It all started with the shoes. I have this gorgeous pair of Due Farina pale lilac sandals and was (still am) dead set on wearing them for the Easter events I have planned today. I proceeded to go through all the dresses I had in my closet that might match and while doing so I hit a few figurative snags. First of all they were all sleeveless and while the weather is going to be gorgeous today that is not entirely appropriate for church. Secondly they all showed an extreme amount of cleavage which is also inappropriate for church, as well as, life in general. Lastly, the one that I had settled on (black and white polka dot spaghetti strap sundress) encompassed my first two problems but, is also a little big so I had to wear a tank top under and a jacket over with some safety pins placed here and there... too much work.

You can now understand why when my mom mentioned that she was going to Loehmann's because she needed a shirt/dress/outfit to go with a jacket she had selected in her closet I seized the opportunity to accompany and find something for myself plus, she had asked me to give her a ride. Regardless, we made a killing there each getting outfits for Easter and my mom picked up some other items most of which will come to me after she wears them *thanks Mom*.

After that we went home and she was inspired to start clearing out her closet purging what she doesn't need, want, or wear anymore.Three shopping bags from one shelf in her closet plus some shoes (you no longer need to wonder where I got my love of clothes) and one for me *go Mom!!*. I made out like a bandit because some of the things that didn't work for her were classic enough and perfectly sized for me. Yay purge!! More items from that treasure hunt to come throughout the following weeks. If you are inspired to purge your closet and need a little help shoot me an email my keen eye, practicality, and honesty when it comes to clothes are just a few of the things I am known for amongst friends and acquaintances...

From: SheSpysTheBuys
To: You and Yours

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