Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010

I think the common theme for all Friday posts moving forward from now until forever is, "TGIF, I'm beat!" because I am. But, on to more positive things... last night's surprise was so much fun!!

My suspicions were correct, my awesome BF took me to see Cirque du Soleil's OVO. The bug thing definitely gave me the chill's for a second. What? Maybe I'm weird but, I felt that the grasshopper costumes were surprisingly realistic!! In the end the acrobatics and other spectacular physical feats distracted me and I had so much fun. Click below to flip through my pictures...

Moving right along. You may or may not have noticed that there are lots of buttons in the right toolbar now. They are not advertisements they are just feeds that I have 260 Days, No Repeats with so that I can potentially reach more people. Another change is that I think I am actually going to be in the pictures moving forward. There are some online communities that I would like to join but, they require head to toe shots and Lucy doesn't quite fit the bill. I tried it out this morning (I am exhausted and I look it, rocking that bed head, so please don't judge) and it made getting ready alot faster so, it might become a regular thing. I just need to find a good place to put the camera for timer shots. FYI: I will not be posting an outfit on Monday I have a day off, yay me! But, today...
  • Top: pink and blue striped Old Navy t-shirt with a white tank top underneath, New York and Company
  • Bottom: jeans, GAP outlet
  • Shoes & Accesories: black suede Rocket Dog sneaker shoes. They look so beat up because I have literally had them since high school. I know I look so young it could have been yesterday but, alas it was not... Either way, they are fantastically confortable and I try and take care of them as best as I can because I haven't been able to find anything else like them. I do think they need a trip to my shoe guy though, there is a teeny hole that I should get taken care of. Also, Tiffany silver earrings and the yellow alley bag jam packed with all the junk from the week gone by.

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