Monday, January 17, 2011

How To Shop An Outlet Mall

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Three day weekends often mean some sort of crazy shopping frenzy and this one is no different. Martin Luther King Day boasts remnants of after holiday goodies combined with a big push from retailers to get their winter products off the shelves so they can start bringing in warmer weather wares. It isn't quite Columbus Day but, it's pretty darn close! For some people these special circumstances demand a different type of shopping experience and they head to the nearest factory outlet. If you haven't ever been before or don't frequent these types of malls on a regular basis they can be intimidating and overwhelming. Here are some of my tips for having the most streamlined experience:
  1. Check their website and find out the hours of the outlet shops in advance so you can get there as early as possible and beat the rush of people. Generally speaking, if you can shop on a weekday that is even better!
  2. Before you leave make sure you are wear comfortable clothes that will be easy to take on and off in dressing rooms with a pair of comfortable shoes. Chances are you will be walking quite a bit...
  3. I know you won't want to look like a tourist but, pick up a map of the outlet facility or do some research on the website in advance to determine the must visit stores. Also, keep it handy to find the location of the restrooms if needed.
  4. Look for clearance racks and additional markdowns in stores (generally in the back) and keep your eye out for unusual items you might not find elsewhere, it is a outlet after all. Check the website deals before heading out they will probably have details listed there.
  5. Generally speaking you should understand that sizes vary a great deal from store to store and season to season. Outlets are definitely no different, so be sure to try on clothing to ensure the right fit and inquire about return policies if available. Check all final sale items over closely to identify any defects before you buy.
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  1. great tips. it sure is overwhelming, but if you do have the time and patience to search thru all those racks you can score some amazing deals!

  2. These are great tips! I know I always dress improperly when going to malls like that and trying things on becomes such a pain!

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