Saturday, November 5, 2016

Warrior Pose, Chaturanga, Glasses Fail?

Do you wear glasses? Cool, me too. Do you do Yoga? Yup, me too, we're practically twins. That being said I'm sure you have felt my struggle... I wear glasses everyday (I'm quite myopic) unless there is some sort of special occasion. Despite that, yoga is one of my favorite ways to stretch my body out and build core strength in my ab (that's right singular) but, I digress... It's really the absolute best thing to have your glasses fall of your face because you are in downward dog said no one ever. I've tried to take my glasses off during class and just let the sound of the teacher's voice lead me through my flow but, that's doesn't always work especially when they use terms that I am not familiar with. I've also tried to tie my hair up tightly and cram my glasses in the pulled back hair but, that isn't very effective plus it gives me a headache. I googled "yoga glasses" for some solutions and came up with these Stay Puts which are removable rubber ear hooks to keep your glasses on which have better than average reviews but, before I shelled out money (I am still a frugal person after all) I wanted to try something so stupid simple it just might work... a sweatband. That's right, a straight out of the 80's sweatband. Let me just tell you, success! I put it on, tucked my glasses in, and did inversions for days... give it a try in your next class or private flow and let me know how it goes!

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