Monday, November 28, 2016

DIY: Coffee

Do you drink coffee in the morning? Yup, me too. Do you feel incomplete without it? Yeah, I know what you mean but. I digress... To satisfy that your craving Is part of your morning routine to pick up your coffee on the way to work at Starbucks, Dunkin, or perhaps the local coffee cart? I used to but, not anymore. Why? Because, I started looking at how much money my daily "treat yoself" Grande Soy Latte was costing me and, while $20 here and there to refill your Starbucks card doesn't seem like an excessive amount, it added up; I estimated to the tune of over $1000 in 6 months. Isn't that crazy? I know, that's what I thought too. To address the (caffeinated) leak in my spending I thought about alternatives AKA less expensive coffee sources but, the coffee carts/delis near my office aren't cranking out steamed soy milk beverages at all and the watery coffee from other places wasn't satisfying my caffeine craving. With no great alternatives popping up I realized that sometimes when you've gotta get things done (and satisfy your need for caffeine) you have to do it yourself. Which is what I am now doing as part of my morning routine. It's pretty simple, here's what you need.

Get a coffee that you like. Flavored, Mild, Caffeine Free (wierdo) whatever floats your boat... perhaps try out some of the different offering at you local grocery store or head to a local coffee house or market so you can try some of their special blends. Whatever you end up picking make sure it's something you enjoy. If you really want to get fancy in your attempts to be your own barista you could grind your own beans at home for the freshest cup but, that move is a next level coffee maneuver.

Ozeri Deluxe Milk Frother and Whisk in Stainless Steel with Stand and 4-Frothing Attachments
If you are into fancy coffee beverages investing in a frother might be worth it. This was the one I picked even though they do get (much) more elaborate. I have an espresso/coffee maker combo at home and enjoyed whipping up the soy milk before I poured it into my espresso for a yummy latté. While it doesn't substitute the high steam of an industrial grade machine it's good for creating bubbles and frothing up you warm beverage.  

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, 16-Ounce
Lastly you need the perfect vessel to transport your coffee to work in the morning. I cannot thank my cousin enough for her recommendation of the Zojirushi. It keeps your beverage hot or cold for hours and hours and hours (no exaggeration.) It was battle tested when my squad and I filled it with ice water and spent a day on Governors Island for the Jazz Age Lawn party. Even after hours in the sun in 100° plus weather there was still frigid water inside! I also use it on a daily for my morning coffee hot or cold. Don't believe me? Try it yourself... I'm sure you will be satisfied. 

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