Friday, March 15, 2013

Purchases & Acquisitions: December 2012

Normally I try not to shop in December, the holidays are imminent and I know I'm hard enough to shop for as it is without taking potential gift options off the table. I totally broke my own rules this time around and picked up a pair of shoes that I was lusting over since the summer. If you follow me on Instagram you might remember the ones I'm talking about...
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When I wandered into my local Aldo to see what they had going on there was a pair of these same shoes in the corner on the clearance rack and by some miracle they had them in my size. I jumped at the opportunity to snatch them up at a discount combined with an in store coupon; Original price, $69.98. Final price after discounts with tax: $45.91. It might not seem like a huge discount but, I kind of love them so, it was totally worth it. That was it for December shopping, on top of potential holiday gifts I didn't really have a large disposable income anyway... Have you gotten on the spikes/studs trend? How would you style these shoes?

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