Saturday, August 11, 2012

Update: I Complete You Product Challenge

Over the past month I have been very diligent about working my way through the overwhelming cacophony of lotions and potions that I have. After incorporating my face things I wonder how I will ever finish. Maybe this is just one of those things that can keep on going forever!

Moving forward I am was on my last bottle of body lotion, FINALLY! When my mother gave me a gift card to Bath & Body Works and they announced a buy three get two free sale shortly after it felt like the universe was trying to tell me something: "Buy more lotion!" I listened and picked up five more bottles of random scents. I hope I like them all, it's hard to get a feel for specific smells when you're in a store immersed in a bouquet of them. Considering I had nothing left (yummy smelling lotion wise) I'm ok with my move and I'm sure I'll be fine for a while. On another note, with the imminent season change are there any scents you are craving in particular?

Check out my progress here.

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