Sunday, June 17, 2012

FBFF: Vacation

I thought the best way to explain what vacation meant to me might be with some pictures via word association but, now I realize I might need to clarify things....

  1. Sleep - This is definitely the first thing I think about when vacation comes to mind. My favorite vacations always include lots of rejuvenating sleep. Just being able to wake and go as I please makes a huge difference in my day to day functionality. 
  2. Relaxation - This sort of goes along with sleep but, I also like to do things that are relaxing in general like going to the pool of the beach, etc. How do you like to relax on vacation? 
  3. Tropical - I dream of going somewhere with beautiful teal waters and soft clean sand. BF and I went to the Bahamas years ago and I would love to go back but, then again who wouldn't?
  4. Foreign - While heading to an island somewhere and lounging on the beach would be great there are lots of other places far far away that I would love to go to. I think my top choice now is another trip to London! 
  5. Travel - In reality the idea of an island or European vacation is fantastic but, highly unrealistic right now. That being said, there are lots of places to go that are a (fairly) quick car ride away and make great long weekend destinations.
  6. Memories - When on vacation with friends, family, or a significant other those are times to cherish and remember fondly. Also, take lots of pictures!
  7. No Contact - When I am away I don't really pay attention to my phone, email, etc. I already feel like there is alot of immediacy in the way people interact with each other and I don't need that stress while I'm on vacation!
  8. Taking Care of Business - At some point during whatever time I have off I try to take care of things that I haven't had time for in my every day life so that I can get ahead of things before I have to go back to normal life. Do you do the same thing? 
  9. Souvenirs - The most touristy places in every city are riddled with small shops where you can buy pens, postcards, shot glasses, spoons, key chains, t shirts, etc. Personally, I collect magnets from the places that I've been because I don't want dust collectors!
  10. New - Whether traveling abroad or just in your local area there is always something new going on. Perhaps a new band playing a local restaurant or an exhibit at a museum for an artist that you've never seen... there are so many possibilities. What do you want to see on your next vacation?

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