Friday, April 13, 2012

FBFF: Fitness?

I’ll be honest I was hesitant to post about this FBFF topic. As you might have guessed fitness is not a focus in my daily life. Frankly, there are days it doesn’t get a moment’s consideration. While I would love to be fitter and dedicated to exercising more at all I don’t know where to start.

Image courtesy of Little Things of My Little Heart

I am not the person who wants to go to the gym; I am ridiculously self conscious even though I know no one is really paying attention to me. I don’t have friends who would make practical fitness buddies, many of them are in shape and all of them live far enough away that it isn’t convenient. I used to be really great at working out at home (woo hoo Tae Bo) but, as you might have noticed from the dated reference that was some time ago… Another major challenge is the fact that I barely have time to do my laundry/groceries/blog so when am I going to find time to exercise? 

All the excuses legit reasons aside fitness is something that I need to be more consistent about. I honestly want to go out and be active. There are plenty of ways to be get and stay in shape that do not require a gym. I really need to work it out because it would be good for my health, my energy levels, and myself overall self!

What are some tips and tricks do you have to work fitness into your busy schedule?

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