Thursday, December 1, 2011

eShakti Holiday Newbies

I know we've talked about this already but,remember that awesome coupon code that I had given you guys a little while back? Well, the deals are still going strong! You can get $20 off of a purchases of $20 or more with code: 260DAYS0811 until 12/31/11! That's enough time to have all your upcoming special occasions covered or even finding gifts for the loved ones! It is not valid on overstocks but, that's ok most of the good stuff is brand new anyway. One of the things that I love about is that they are constantly making new new items available and there are always fresh picks! You can stylishly navigate all the social engagments that you will have on our plates and be the perfect stylin' guest or lovely gracious hostess!

Dzilla Brass Rings Dress
Butterscotch Dress

Scalloped Sequin Shift Dress

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