Thursday, August 18, 2011


One of the hardest thing that I have found to resist in my attempts to cut back on spending is group buying websites. LivingSocial, Groupon, and the like all seem to have amazing local deals that you just can't beat! That is, it was hard to resist in the beginning. Now I don't even read the barrage of emails that hits my inbox everyday. I don't care about getting a cheap deal on paintball, bowling, or dinner at some rando restaurant while I'm going through my everyday motions. Maybe I would care about it when I actually wanted to play paintball, go bowling, or the like and by the time the happens the deal is long gone from one site and maybe on to another but, who can keep track of all that in the first place. In the end it seems like more trouble and temptation than it's worth.

When someone bought to my attention I thought it was just like all the others. The first thing that came to mind was: No, I don't need Japanese hair straightening the day after there was a deal for Keratin... seriously I like my hair on my head. After taking a closer look on the website I realize that it was the best thing ever and began to wonder why no one (or I) hadn't thought of it sooner. is an aggregator! How brilliant is that?! Think Google for beauty deals. So every deal from all over the internet is in one spot for your browsing convenience. Meaning, you don't have to jump on something just because it popped up in your inbox and there is a 5 minute window to seal the deal; there will be another one...

You just plug in your zip code to see if what deals are in your area and take your pick. Most major cities are covered so there shouldn't be any issues finding a mani/pedi or hot stone massage near you!

Right now they are running an amazing giveaway for members who spread the word. They are giving away gift cards everyday and all you have to do to enter is sign up for an account then Facebook, Tweet, and +1 your way to the prize! It couldn't be easier but, I think you deserve that mani/pedi for all your hard work...

*I have received no monetary or in kind compensation from in exchange for this review. I will be entered in a giveaway. The review represents my honest opinion regarding this product and the website.

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