Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Purchases and Aquisitions: May 2011

I went shopping this month again which might seen crazy to you since I broke the bank last month but, I had a good reason: $20 vintage dress sale at Re/Dress NYC. Say it with me, "$20 vintage dress." You know you would at least go look and when I did I found something that I liked. You'll see it when the time is right... probably really soon!

May is one of those months where it might be challenging to avoid shopping, $20 vintage dresses aside. All retailers are looking to unload the last of the spring wares to make room for the fresh summer stuff and Memorial Day gives them the perfect boost. I avoided the mall like the plague, it was much more fun to be outside anyway... 

I have also inherited alot of hand me downs from my Mom this month. She is going through a major wardrobe change and getting rid of things she doesn't want or can't wear right now. I will be specific about them when I wear them in outfits but, at this point I'm just going to show them to you in pile form since there's a whole lot of stuff going on and it's easier. How was your May? Did you find any great deals or avoid shopping all together? 

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