Saturday, January 1, 2011

Purchases: December 2010

That's right people, I did it AGAIN! Two months in a row must be some sort of record... December was full of different types of frustration in terms of shopping. The majority of the month I spent shopping like crazy for everyone that BF and I had on our list, naughty or nice. We had created a budget, been saving throughout the year, and had a snazzy spreadsheet to track everything so, there was some semblance of order. But, even with all that we still had to find great gift options that fit in with what we had ascribed monetarily for each person. That was no easy task! Thank goodness I am a coupon monger and BF and I also created some sort of shopping plan.

Let me just start off by saying that I don't like to shop for myself during the month of December. I hope that Santa (AKA friends and family) gets me the things on my list of needs and wants. But, while BF and I shopped for gifts I kept coming across lots of things (some practical, some fun) that would have been perfect for me, most of the time at some crazy discount! It could not have been more aggravating. Normally I find it less difficult to limit my spending because I am not in the mall or browsing the web but, during December procuring copious amount of things took up a large chunk of my free time. Thankfully I have survived! Were you more or less tempted to shop for yourself during the holiday season? Why or why not?

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  1. YOU are my heroe.
    Seriously. How. could. you.
    I found myself looking for things for me everytime I had to buy presents. I have to admit
    that I take my hat off for you... well done.


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