Sunday, January 2, 2011

Night Out: New Years House Party

What did you end up doing for New Years? I was performing in a chorus line... no wait, that's not right. One of my friends had a house party and heading over there before the ball dropped was a no brainer. BF took this picture at 4 in the morning when we got home; I just had to bring down the house with my assorted performing arts skills but, I digress... What to wear took a little more thought. I knew I wanted to keep it casual and wear jeans but, just any old jeans wouldn't do! Thankfully I found these chic trouser jeans while I was exchanging/returning some Christmas gifts at LOFT. These pants had some weird buttons on the pockets that I removed and I hemmed them because apparently I am shrinking but, other than that perfect! I should just quit my day job and become a tailor or a dancer, decisions decisions...

I also knew even though I wasn't going to be super fancy I still wanted to shine and/or sparkle (dancer for sure.) I had this shirt waiting in the wings but, was hoping to come across something else. My fashion prayers were answered when I stopped into TJ Maxx to pick up the last part of the awesome gift my brother I and myself got our mom. Thankfully I still had a little bit of cash left over from the shopping errands I ran for my dad and this glitzy number was on super sale. Mission accomplished now let's dance!
  • Top: green t-shirt with sequins embellishment, Ellen Tracy via TJ Maxx/gift from Dad; white tank top, New York and Company
  • Bottom: double waistband denim trouser tailored by me, LOFT Christmas Gift
  • Shoes & Accessories: leopard print flats, New York and Company; Swarovski crystal teardrop earrings, V'ta jewelry; purple tote bag, Coach (not pictured)


  1. Great outfit! I heart that olive sequin top! And congrats on not spending anything for 2 whole months...I really need to go on a shopping ban, too :)

  2. Iris you are one of VERY FEW women who manage to look THIS GOOD AT 4 am!
    Hugs and happy 2011.

  3. Dark wash jeans and striped sequins -- I love!
    Glad you had a fun new years eve!


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