Friday, January 28, 2011

FBFF: Surf It, Scroll It, Pose It, Click It... Technologic

1. What technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, video, camera, tripod, etc...)

Well I have some pretty decent cameras: SONY DSC-H3 and Canon Rebel DSLR. The Sony is a point an shoot but, the pictures are amazing quality even though it is "only" 8.1 MP. It also has 10x Optical Zoom! I didn't know what that meant in the beginning either but, it comes in handy. That camera is the one that is used more when BF takes my pictures because I like the way they come out better. The Canon is also amazing but, I like it better when I use it. I'll take a photographer over a tripod anyday but, I have one of the latter as well. I had a computer until is was left behind, found, and apparently stolen last weekend... now I am using my old school laptop.

2. What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..)

I had a HP, and can't remember the specifics. I use blogger and I'm pretty satisfied with it. With that all of my pictures are stored in Picasa but, I also keep kept them on the hard drive of my computer. I edit the shots with Microsoft Picture Editor for basic stuff and Picnik when I need to add text  but, that is rare.

3. What is your process for taking pictures?

The process is definitely evolving. In the beginning it was me and a stack of shoe boxes situated precariously on top of a chair in my hallway plus the timer. Then BF got me a tripod which helped. Then I decided I wanted to take outdoor pictures and I am too much of a chicken to haul my tripod out there like some other awesome bloggers so I asked BF to start taking the pictures. Originally that meant everyday before or after work heading downstairs to take pictures. He was not a fan and it was really not that efficient so, now we have been trying out picture taking Sunday. So far so good except I need to check the weather for the week before I decide what I'm wearing.

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?

I don't scout locations but, I try to change it up a little. There are alot of nice places around the building where I live. Maybe I should go further but, it's cold now and I don't want to go outside at all... In the spring/summer I plan on trying to be more adventurous.

5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying?

I would get some awesome software like Adobe Photoshop, that wouldn't really help the picture taking persay but, it would make editing or creating graphics alot more fun!

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