Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Wear: Wandering Around NYC

This past weekend I met up with a friend to hit one of the many holiday street fairs that are happening in NYC. It was a pretty cold day but, we had tons of fun anyway. The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park have lots of unique and fantastic handmade goodies to give to your loved ones this season! I recommend stopping by if you are in the city.

This outfit was all about warmth! I know that jegging tucked into UGGS with a sweatshirt on top is so not acceptable in terms of high any fashion but, no one saw what I was wearing except the interior of my car as I drove into the city. Either way that is not what I want to focus on... I really want to pay homage to this amazing coat!

I call it my 30° coat since I only pull it out of the closet when the temps dip that low or lower. It is the warmest thing and has proven itself winter after winter as one of the best shopping choices that I have ever made! Why? Well, because I spent a whopping $8.00 on this heavy duty wool, fully lined coat at one of Steve and Barry's crazy sales! I think that evens out to something like .22  and dropping per wear if you count only the days in winter for the past three years that I have been utilizing it! I've had to refasten a button or two but, that's no big deal...
  • Top: black and gray tank tops, Old Navy; white zip front hoodie, compliments of Cougar Boots; navy coat, Bitten via Steve and Barry's
  • Bottom: denim jeggings, LOFT/birthday gift from Mom
  • Shoes & Accessories: black boots, UGG via Nordstrom; black and silver scarf, Old Navy/gift from BF's family; gray Le-Dix/motorcycle bag, Balenciaga 

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