Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 14, 2010: First Snow

When I woke up yesterday I was greeted by a layer of the white stuff on the ground. That sneaky overnight precipitation added nicely to my feeling of blah after the non-stop weekend, it was an epic battle to get out of bed and both sides suffered casualities. Snow (even if it's only a half an inch) always makes me want to crawl back under the covers, adults should have snow days too! I don't know who says it's not winter yet but, I would beg to differ. Anyway... I toughed it out (in the words of my boss) and got ready for work but, there was no room for chances. I threw on my trusty Cougar boots and a big comfy sweater to keep warm, a stylish compromise. What's your favorite way to stay stylish and keep warm?
  • Top: beige cowl neck sweater, Old Navy; white tank top underneath for the modesty
  • Bottom: gray really skinny pants, GAP/gift from BF
  • Shoes & Accessories:  black Ringo Star snow boots, courtesy of Cougar; moonstone earrings, V'ta jewelry; leopard print headband, Target $1.00 bin (marked down to $.25!); black spy bag, Fendi 

Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, and here:


  1. Sweater dresses are always a good cozy option, knit tights, knee high boots...
    Or anything cashmere. Yeah, that's always a good choice.

  2. Mmm... I second Lyddie's cashmere suggestion. I've found it on crazy sales ($6.99 for a vintage cashmere sweater is my best so far) and it's divinely warm.
    I love those boots! They look funky and warm.
    Funky in a good way, of course.

  3. I'm glad you're staying warm, today was a pretty nice day, not that I went outside but I opened the window and felt the air was nice, so we still don't have those freezing temperatures. I stay warm by wearing my thick sweater tights, layering socks over those and boots, then hat, sweater, coat, gloves and of course the scarf. I'm surprised I don't look like a snowman with all of those clothes but it's a must to stay warm. =)

  4. Yeah... I am SO glad we don't get snow in L.A.! :)


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