Sunday, November 14, 2010

Update: I Complete You Product Challenge

I have finished a couple more things in my never ending product challenge. I am racing against the clock because the holidays are coming up and I know someone is going to buy me the standard gift basket from Bath & Body Works. If that's the case at least make sure it's my "favorite scent"!

One of the things that I didn't like about these products is that the containers are not recyclable! I mean who still does that?! I know moving forward if when this ends I am going to check the containers before I buy things. Would you (or have you) put a product back on the shelf if the container wasn't recyclable?

Check out my progress here


  1. I can't believe neither of those bottles was recyclable?! Our town now accepts plastics #1-7, so that usually covers everything. I have definitely thought twice about products that have a lot of elaborate packaging, though.

  2. Minus 2 !
    It feels soooo good to get that last drop OUT.
    I have become more aware and cautious when I buy things. I am not sure if I would put it back in the shelf but since I am more aware I try to stay away from items with excessive packaging.


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