Friday, November 12, 2010

Friend Friday: Self Promotion

1. How do you promote your blog?

I belong to Chictopia, Weardrobe, Chicisimo, and such but, honestly have trouble keeping up with posting pictures there and on the blog. Maybe if this was my full time gig... I also belong to IFB but, don't generally submit my posts there. Not alot of my content (i.e outfit of the day) seems relevant. I've placed my blog with alot of aggregators but, that doesn't seem to have an impact like I would have hoped. I love to do blog exchanges/guest posts, even if I have people posting on 260 Days, No Repeats (like while I was on vacation) it drives different traffic to me for sure and it's alot of fun for everyone. I also love taking part in challenges that can bring a whole different group of people to my (or their) blog which is nice. Giveaways are a great way also, if you can find someone to sponsor them. And of course there is the now standard Facebook/Twitter route. I should network more... I also try to post comments on the blogs I enjoy reading but, that list is getting longer and longer. I also think taking better/bigger/clearer pictures helps draw people to your site and want to stay. It shows a certain degree of effort and care on your part as the author. I try to leave witty and interesting comments but, that doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes, I do say things akin to "nice shoes" but, it's because I really like their shoes/bag/skirt/whatever and that is what I am moved to comment on. It's not meant to be comment spam.

2. In your experience what has been the most effective form of self promotion?

Facebook for sure! I don't have alot of fans but, some of them do take part in the conversation that I try to have which I really enjoy. Plus, the ability to link to other pages drives alot of traffic to me. I love the idea of reaching more people and hearing what they have to say!

3. Do you think there is a wrong way to promote yourself and your blog?

I think you need to put out a good product. Whether it is the pictures, discussions you try to start, or commentary on yours or other people's style choices. When your content starts to become stale it definitely impacts readership. I can totally respect those bloggers who take breaks to refresh themselves.

4. When is comes to others pushing their product what annoys you?

I don't like when people make irrelevant comments. It is one thing to say "nice shoes" if what you really like about the outfit is solely the shoes but, it is another thing to say something about the weather or a contest/giveaway that you are having on your blog.

5. In Dressful's post on this topic earlier in the week she said, "It's impossible to respect someone who wants all the attention, but adds nothing worthwhile to the conversation." Do you agree?

I think that's a little harsh generally speaking. I would respect their opinion and them as a person. I don't view people who make short, to the point, yet comments as just someone who wants all the attention. I mean maybe they do but, dont' we all? Either way, they are someone who took the time out to view your blog/site and say something even if they didn't have alot to say.

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  1. Wow, finally a Friend Friday-er that goes against the grain! I respect your opinion on those who make short comments but I do disagree. I think it's just a little selfish to put no thought into a comment. Something like "Wow" or "that's nice" could have been kept to oneself. But also, bloggers will readily admit that they are making short comments to just getting their link out there.

    Michelle :-)
    Fresh Radiant Skin>

  2. Great answers, especially your answers to question 3. At the end of the day you have to have quality content. Sure you can get people to your blog, but you have to keep them coming back and having great content is a surefire way to do that! And you're right, bloggers do need to take breaks sometimes to keep their content new and fresh!

  3. Great answers. I especially like your answer to number five. As I was answering I also thought that was a bit harsh; I think you summed it up nicely.

  4. I posted to my blog for a long time before I had any readers. Then I realized that the BEST way to get people to my blog was to read and comment on other blogs.

    I periodically look at comments on other blogs, seek out those who leave thoughtful comments, and visit them.

    If I like their style, I'll follow them and hopefully gain a new reader.


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