Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6, 2010: It's That Time Of Year

The fall means can mean lots of things to different people like changing leaves, temperatures dropping, and new fashions to name a few. To me it means all these things but, it also means that job fair season has begun! I know I can't contain my excitement either... I got a small taste of it last week but, today and tomorrow I have some big ones. I will probably throw a light blazer over this to enhance the business part of my business casual look! Also, I need to work out a better time to take my pictures; just as I decide I am taking them all outside, it starts getting darker earlier! Boo...
  • Top: red long sleeved t-shirt, Van Heusen via The Outlets
  • Bottoms: brown corduroy skirt, LOFT
  • Shoes & Accessories: purple suede-ish ballet flats, Mossimo for Target; multi colored beaded necklace, LOFT/b-day gift from Mom;

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  1. Nice look! Love the purple flats!


  2. Hi Iris,
    I like this combination and how these colors come together so smoothly...
    I have a similar skirt, so I might just have to copy you...

  3. Great color combo, one comment, would wear a neutral color bra or a cami under the top..

  4. @jen&anette I contemplated whether or not to post these pictures for that reason... it is a neutral bra just the lighting and the flash were pretty harsh, next time I'll be more careful

  5. Those flats are so fab... I need to find myself a nice purple pair!


  6. I love the color combination. It's hard to mix red and purple, but you have pulled it off effortlessly.


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