Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guest Post: Chic on the Cheap - Dressing For Fall

While I am away on my wonderful (and much needed) vacation I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to step in and write guest posts. I asked each of them to come up with their own topic and post that they felt fit with what I am doing here over at 260 Days, No Repeats. I am loving what they have come up with! Today I am pleased to have Lyddiegal from Chic on the Cheap give you some tips on how to dress for the fall. I'll need these tips for when I return! I will be back to regular blogging on October 19th, 'till then...

Hi, I'm Lyddie from Chic on the Cheap stepping in for Iris while she's away. Hope you enjoy my post!

Sometime, during the heydays of summer, fall clothes start appearing and putting us into a trance-like state, when we suddenly stop wanting beaches and sunsets and start wishing for those cool crisp autumn days with bright orange foliage, gentile breezes and that fall scent in the air.

Well, summer rushes by in an instant, and we fill our closets with all those trendy fall items; sweaters with cropped sleeves, leather shorts, peep toe booties, fingerless gloves! And that first perfect day arrives -- it's just cool enough to wear your new things, but not so cold that your bare arms, legs, fingers and toes mind. This doesn't last. You quickly remember what fall really is. Dark, cold, often wet and suddenly you have nothing to wear.

The last few weeks I feel like I have been stripped of any motivation to get dressed. For every beautiful fall day I've enjoyed, I have had to endure six grey, rainy days - days when the last thing I feel like doing is getting dressed. I want to be cute, I want to be trendy -- but mostly, I want to be warm!

My solution is this; knee high boots, opera length leather gloves and scarves to help cover any gaps left by trendy fall clothing!

Add my wool coat to the mix during the evenings, and things are perfect. Now if only I could find a way to have my clothes warmed in the morning so getting dressed wouldn't feel so torturous.

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