Saturday, October 16, 2010

Guest Post: alltumbledown - Transitioning To Fall

While I am away on my wonderful (and much needed) vacation I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to step in and write guest posts. I asked each of them to come up with their own topic and post that they felt fit with what I am doing here over at 260 Days, No Repeats. I am loving what they have come up with! Today I am pleased to have Nina from alltumbledown give you some tips on transitioning your wardrobe from warmer to cooler weather. I'll need these tips for when I return! I will be back to regular blogging on October 19th, 'till then...

Hi there, 260 Days, No Repeats readers! I'm Nina and I blog over at alltumbledown: a modest attempt at style.While Iris is off sunning herself in California, I am still stuck in New York. Not that New York is a bad place to live (ok, I pretty much love it), but dressing for the transition into fall can be a bit of a challenge! With rain and 20-degree shifts in temperature over the course of 1 day, I definitely struggle with getting dressed. Here are some of my go to almost-cold weather tips:

1. Mix winter and summer clothing. No, not Uggs and a miniskirt, but here are a few ways to mix winter and summer to equal fall. Both of the outfits below are summer skirts mixed with some heavier pieces- a cashmere sweater and boots, or tights and a blazer.
Pink Camel
 2. A continuation of a theme you see above: scarves, scarves, scarves! Collect them in all colors, shapes and patterns. Light scarves are great to wear all day, while heavier ones will help you on a frigid subway car or while walking to get coffee. Don't be afraid to add a patterned scarf to a patterned outfit-- as long as they have some colors in common, it will look fab.

Unseasonable Season
3. Creative outerwear. Wearing the same trench Try throwing a bulky sweater on as outerwear. It provides a good amount of warmth and keeps things interesting. Too much volume? Throw a belt on to cinch it in. 
Hope these tips have inspired you to brave the fall weather with style!

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