Thursday, September 30, 2010

What To Wear To A Job Fair

When you are going to an interview you know that your best bet is to get a really spiffy suit and some sort of basic blouse (I'm not a fan of button downs. A largely catholic school education will do that to you) classic low heeled shoes or flats and pearls, studs, etc... But, what about a job fair? After my experience today I feel like many people aren't sure what to wear to these events and sometimes the impression you make there can be the only chance you get.

This might seem to some like I'm stating the obvious but, don't wear jeans or pajamas! This isn't a casual affair for most employers this is them casting a net to potential employees and if you want to be thought of as such you should dress the part. The same goes for wearing clothes that is too big or too small, you will look sloppy and unkempt. If you think you look that way people probably see what you see especially when they are trained to do so. You can wear a suit but, if you don't have one or want to save that look for a potential interview you can try out some of the styles I've illustrated below.

job fair 1

Job Fair 2
job fair 3
job fair 4
These are just a few general ideas of what you could wear. I wouldn't say that you have to dress in completely formal business attire to attend a job fair (although, it wouldn't hurt.) Perhaps you don't even own a suit yet (ahh, college) either way, you do want to convey a sense of professionalism in what you are wearing. The person you meet at the fair, whether hiring manager or recruiter, is your ticket in and you don't want to make the wrong impression!


  1. What a great post. Job fairs are so tricky because they aren't quite as formal as the interview, and you also want to stand out from the crowd (which can be hard if it's a huge one). I like that you didn't resort to just showing LBDs-- I know they're classic and they work for this situation, but I feel like it's not as creative sometimes plus it's what others would probably end up wearing too. Great picks!


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