Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friend Friday: Work vs. Blog Wear

I stumbled across this cool new (to me) thing called Friend Friday over at Modly Chic and I am excited to participate!

1. When it comes to outfit posts on your own blog, be honest are they what you actually wore that day? Definately, that's why sometimes I don't update until 11 at night. If it's not I will let you know but, it hasn't happened yet!

2. For a fashion blogger, working in a corporate environment can be tricky. How do you mesh your day job with your personal style choices? Almost everything in my closet works double duty. While my office is techincally business casual I think it is more twoards the latter of the classification.

3. When you get dressed in the morning, do you think what should I wear to work or what should I wear for the blog? It's definately a combination. The vast majority of the time I dress for me and my life, whatever that entatils ex: work, errands, etc. But, sometimes (especially when I am taking part in a theme week or something like that) I think about how to make what I have in my wardrobe work for that. Although, I still need to be work appropriate (and comfortable) either way.

4. Do professionals you interact with ever make comments about your clothing choices? For sure! It doesn't happen everyday but, when it does it puts a smile on my face because it is always positive. Although, I doubt that anyone I work with on a daily basis would say something negative about what I was wearing. If you don't have something nice to say...

5. Some bloggers openly admit to wearing outfits only for the blog post. What's your opinion on that? If that's what works for them then YAY but, personally I wouldn't bother unless I was trying to illustrate something specific not, I actually spent all day wearing PJ's but, I put this on for a picture.


  1. Hello.....Just discovered your blog..thought Id say HI...really cute!! Great answers to the interview questions...Im seriously thinking I should get in on this one:)

    Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  2. Great answers! I try very hard to post what I wear that day. Sometimes it sucks when I don't get a photo of a cute outfit, so I'll re-wear that outfit pretty quickly to get a photo.


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