Friday, June 4, 2010


No I am not a pirate but, I'm going to start today off with a little bit of a rant because I am really stressed and upset about something and need to vent. I purchased a brand spanking new computer in January 2010. Since I got it I have been having little inconsistencies but, nothing to case serious worry, or so I thought. Two days ago while I was typing up my morning outfit post it started making funny noises and went black screen, completely crashed. It said that there was an inconsistency with my external hardware and to disconnect those items and restart, I complied and got the same error message. I left it alone thinking it needed sometime to think, cool down, fix itself, whatever

Later that day when BF came home I told him my problem. He is a sometimes technological person so I thought maybe he could help. He suggested maybe the"external" thing that the computer was referring to was my CD drive and that I should pull that out... ok, not difficult so I did it. Then, an all new error message telling me that I have no bootable disk, WHY ME!. I didn't buy the protection plan from Best Buy because the one time I did and actually needed it they wouldn't fix the item for me saying a scratch or dent voided it (even though they had taken it previously and fixed it) and every time after that that I shelled out the money I didn't need it and it was a waste, FRUSTRATION!

So I contacted HP thinking that because the laptop is just 6 months old and there is still a warranty in play for parts and stuff. The solution that they gave me was to take my laptop apart, literally, and pull the hard drive out. That would be peechy keen if it was like the computer in the video they sent me but, it is not the same model and the hard drive doesn't easily lift out, I'm pretty sure it is soddered in. The next step they just gave me is to mess around in the BIOS where is tells me "Hard Disk Not Exist." I emailed them back on that and am waiting for a response.

FML I'm not even done paying for this computer. It was the only thing I have used a credit card for in months because my old computer from college (which irony of ironies I am typing on right now because BF adopted it) died for the millionth (or fifth) time and I couldn't take the stress of losing/having to reinstall things again or not knowing what I could recover or if I was going to be able to do that at all. Plus, I know you're getting more bang for your buck, compared to older computers and I want to go to grad school soon(ish) and I would have wanted to buy a new one anyway. These were all the ways I convinced myelf to drop that load of cash and I am so frustrated I could scream. Ok, breathing now... and getting dressed...

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