Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

Today is the last day of academichic's Dress Your Best Week and I'm a little saddened by it. It's been amazing reading about how everyone is celebrating their bodies. S. summed it up best when she noted how great it is that we can all celebrate our uniqueness and not be caught up in aiming to celebrate the same body parts for their uniformity and similarity, but rather for what makes them unique on each one of us.

I really appreciate everyone's positive comments and I hope that you all keep reading 260 Days, No Repeats! While Dress Your Best Week is over for now it has definitely left an impression on me. Moving forward I will undoubtedly keep in mind celebrating the parts of myself that I love instead of covering/minimizing the ones that I don't every morning when I get dressed. Hopefully that reflects as I navigate through my closet and try to wear everything I have in fun new ways without any repeats! (of course)

I am celebrating the largest organ in my body today, my skin! I love my skin; it still heals pretty quickly, it's soft and smooth, it does everything it's supposed to do (with minor issues, adult acne anyone) while looking fab! Today is unfortunately wet and rainy outside so, I can't really flaunt my skin (within the business casual/casual friday parameters I am bound to) like I was originally planning but, I am going to protect it from the grossness outside!
  • Top: gray short sleeve sweater with orange tank top (for the modesty), both from New York and Company; brown jacket, Ann Taylor Loft
  • Bottom: trouser jeans, GAP outlet
  • Shoes & Accessories: brown suede PUMA sneakers (best ever), Mandee; striped headband, via CVS; rainbow beaded earrings, via now defunct Moxie Bee; purple Coach bag

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